Steven Donziger

Advocate, writer & public speaker on human rights and corporate accountability

Steven Donziger is a human rights lawyer who has spent 45 days in prison and 993 days in house arrest after filing a lawsuit against a big oil company. He won the lawsuit, but the consequences were terrible.

The shocking story of Donziger was brought to the stage of the Love Tomorrow Conference by Ida Engber. Donziger and Engberg share their perspective about the ‘Amazon Chernobyl’ in the video you can watch on our website or YouTube-channel.

Lucas De Man

Theater director, designer and CEO of Biobased Creations

Lucas De Man graduated from the KU Leuven with a Masters in Literature in 2004. He immediately applied to the Amsterdam University of the Arts (NL) to become a Theatre Director and won the Matthijs Prize (NL 2007) and the Young Talent Award from Theater aan Zee (BE 2007) before graduating in 2008.

In his final year he founded ‘Company New Heroes’, together with Wouter Goedheer and Bas Van Rijnsoever. Company New Heroes is a professional creative company, specialized in storytelling and imagination. They create artistic projects all over the world with a network of freelance creatives from all disciplines.

In 2019, Lucas, Wouter and designer Pascal Leboucq founded a second organization, Biobased Creations, a design studio for artistic practice with nature and natural materials. They became world famous for their The Growing Pavilion and The Exploded View Beyond Building.

Next to his job as the director of New Heroes and Biobased Creations, Lucas works as a (Tv) host and speaker. He presents several art shows on Dutch national television. He is a frequently asked host or speaker for events such as TedX Amsterdam and the Dutch Design Week.

A brief overview of the nominations and awards the design work of Lucas De Man has collected the past few years:

  • In 2011, Lucas and designer Pascal Leboucq were nominated for the renowned Wijnberg Scenography Award for their installation SKETCH.
  • De Man was awarded the honorary title ‘City artist of Den Bosch’ from 2012-2016.
  • In 2016, Lucas De Man was shortlisted as EuroDutchman of the year.
  • In 2017-2018 he was selected as the first artist in residence of the Rabobank.
  • The Growing Pavilion got many awards such as an honorary Dezeen Award (2021), and a Starts Award 2021.
  • The Exploded View Materials and Matters won a Henry van de Velde Award in 2022)
  • De Man was named by DEZEEN as 1 of 50 designers/architects in sustainability you need to know.

“Buildings can definitely be made exclusively from plant-based products plus natural mineral materials.”

Jasna Rokegem

Fashion-tech designer, Belgium

Jasna Rokegem is an award-winning pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. She founded Jasna Rok, the first FashionTech design lab in Belgium, which was created to reconcile advanced technologies with interactive fashion and does so by collaborating with technology partners globally. Her visionary thinking helps decision makers in different industries imagine how to come up with more sustainable solutions.

Jasna is fascinated by space and the idea of having one unique garment which becomes a living organism on its own, an extension of our bodies which creates a new way of human communication that reshapes our responses to our innermost feelings, a brand new dimension of interaction. The goal of her Lab is to combine different disciplines and to come up with groundbreaking new concepts to inspire new futures.

Jasna Rok has worked with companies all around the world, such as Nokia Bell Labs, Volkswagen, SAP, NASA, and GE. She has been showcasing her work on many events within different fields, fashion weeks all over the world and technology conferences such as SXSW, TEDx and Space Center Houston.

‘Dare to dream big.’

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, European Commission, The Netherlands

Frans Timmermans is Executive Vice-President of the Commission, leading its work on the European Green Deal – Europe’s roadmap to becoming the first climate-neutral continent.

Frans Timmermans is responsible for among others:

  • implementing the European Green Deal and the first European Climate Law to enshrine the 2050 climate-neutrality target into EU law.
  • stepping up the commitment to the 2030 emission reduction target, increasing it to at least 55% by 2030
  • undertaking international negotiations on behalf of the EU to strengthen the ambition of other major emitters by 2021.
  • developing the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the Commission’s zero-pollution ambition, the circular economy and the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy.

Frans Timmermans has been a European Commissioner since 2014. Previously he was First Vice-President of the EU Commission (2014-2019), the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs (2012-2014) and Dutch Minister of European Affairs (2007-2010).

 ‘Is wellbeing only economic growth? Only salaries? Or is wellbeing also being able to breathe clean air and drink clean water?’

Swami Purnachaitanya

Spiritual guide and meditation teacher, The Netherlands

Swami Purnachaitanya is a meditation teacher with a vast experience and knowledge of meditation. Having been introduced to meditation in early childhood, and having practiced under the guidance of the world-renowned master Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for twenty years, he is able to relate to people’s experiences at each step of the way. Around 10,000 hours of meditation and thousands of participants across the world can attest to that.

Swami Purnachaitanya has become a public figure traveling extensively in Asia, Africa and Europe, conducting a wide range of self-development programs for The Art of Living in over 20 countries. His relevance stems from his ability to bridge the philosophies of the East and the West and his skill in simplifying arcane concepts. He plays the role of spiritual guide, peace builder, story teller, author, healer and teacher, as he triggers dramatic change in the lives of his audience.

He received his title as a swami, as an acknowledgement of his high state of consciousness and commitment to dedicating his life to serving others. His Master gave him the name Purnachaitanya, meaning one, whose consciousness (chaitanya) has fully blossomed (purna).

Swami Purnachaitanya is currently a Director of Programs for the Art of Living, conducting trainings and overseeing various service projects in India and Africa. He is involved in a vast array of programs, such as rural development, prisoner rehabilitation, and educational initiatives.

“Meditation is finding that place inside, where you are eternally free, untouched and unbounded. It is connecting with your true nature; it is becoming who you really are.”

Liviu Babitz

Innovator, Inventor & Entrepreneur, UK

Liviu is an innovator and entrepreneur with a vast experience in designing cutting edge tech and systems for impact. He is seen as a leading thought leader for the building of a positive future, speaking at the biggest events and organisations around the globe.

Liviu has founded CyborgNest, the world’s leading company to design new sensory experiences known to humans. In his previous role, Liviu was the COO of Videre est Credere, worked undercover and built international undercover networks of people who use technology to document human rights violations in places where no one has access to.

‘Now it’s the best time to change the rules, tomorrow is too far.’

Jacob Bossaer

CEO and founder of BOSAQ – The Circular Water Company, Belgium

After completing two Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering at Ghent University, Bossaer explored the South Pole, becoming a Water Expedition engineer on the Antarctica station of the Belgian government Princess Elisabeth. In between the Antarctic Summer missions he worked in the chemical industry as a process engineer at Dow Chemical company, Jacobs Engineering, and as project manager and crisis manager for BASF.

In 2017, Jacob and Pieter Derboven started ‘BOSAQ’ to provide a sustainable water solution to the world. Furthermore, Pieter, Jacob and Ann-Gaelle Bekaert started ‘Water Heroes’, a non-profit organization providing drinking water installations for free for those in need. Recently, Water Heroes provided water for the people of Charkiv and Mikolaiv in Ukraine. In 2020, he set up ‘Water Experts’, a water engineering consulting company providing water engineering for both companies and governments.

With BOSAQ, drinking water projects are realized in South Africa, Rwanda, Suriname and Ukraine for national governments and circular water projects in chemical and food & beverage industry in Belgium. Furthermore, BOSAQ has a seven year contract with Love Tomorrow for reducing the water footprint of Tomorrowland, the biggest and best dance festival in the world. For his work, Jacob has been awarded the royal title of Laureate of Labour and has been elected in the Belgian ’40 under 40′. He wrote for the BMW foundation and appeared as speaker on several venues of which the most recent one in the World Expo Dubai.

Dirk Standaert

Technological innovator, Belgium

The only limit is your imagination”. That’s the motto of serial entrepreneur and technical innovator Dirk Standaert. With his background in engineering and passion for positive change, he has founded multiple companies at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

In 2019, Dirk co-founded Peace of Meat: a B2B cultured biomass supplier. The business aims to push cultured meat to an industrial scale. This way, they can provide a sustainable solution to the global food crisis and the environmental and ethical impact of livestock production.

Staying within the food industry, Dirk co-founded the molecular beer start-up Bar.on earlier this year. With a team of scientists at VIB, Bar.on is working on a molecular technology to re-engineer a wide array of beers with tap water. This will allow the beer industry to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and waste streams from global beer shipping.

No one likes to feel powerless when their future is at stake. Dirk’s newest venture, Atopia, empowers citizens, companies, NGOs and governments worldwide to take collective action for the planet. Atopia aspires to become the largest biodiversity project on earth, acquiring and regenerating 2 million square kilometres of land by 2030. Everyone is invited to participate as active or passive investors, or by designing, owning and running sustainable projects (like ecotourism and carbon capture) on Atopia land.

Investing in nature today will pay back on so many levels tomorrow. – Dirk Standaert

Dennis Karpes

Social Entrepeneur, The Netherlands

Dennis is an acclaimed serial social entrepreneur. A real ‘rebel with a cause’, acting on intuition, averse to convention. His social ventures and movements created positive change for millions of people in dozens of countries. With the launch of Kuyichi, the first sustainable jeans brand in the world, Dennis challenged the established fashion industry. He then developed Dance4Life into a powerful international organization and youth movement in more than 30 countries. With his latest projects, Justdiggit and Raindance, Dennis is unleashing a green revolution in Africa, promoting and realizing large-scale landscape restoration projects.

As a child Dennis could feel displaced. He fantasized endlessly about a different, better world. In adulthood he continued to dream BIG and started to share his dreams. To his own surprise, he turned out to be an adept inspirer and storyteller who could enchant people with his dreams. He experienced what John Lennon once said: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together will become reality”…

Dennis is now working on new projects again. Wonderful World is a platform that collects and shares miraculous stories to inspire and experience the magic that is surrounding us. With Imaginal Cells, his suspected magnum opus, he wants to inspire students to identify their own source code and to imagine and shape the future from that source. And to make them realize we are far bigger, far more beautiful and far more powerful than we think, and we can learn to use that power to heal ourselves and the world. Dennis is an alumni of the Forum of Young Global Leaders and a Senior Fellow at Ashoka, the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. He is a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau and recipient of various honors and awards.

‘It’s truly possible to create reality around your own fantasy’ – Dennis Karpes

Barbara Belvisi

Founder & CEO Interstellar Lab, France

Barbara Belvisi is an entrepreneur who is passionate about space, biology, and AI. She started her career in finance at 22, investing in tech companies worldwide and launched several global initiatives to foster scientific innovation and entrepreneurship.

As the youngest female founder of a venture capital fund at 26, she is in the top 10 women in Tech in France and Forbes Top 100 in Europe in 2018. Self-taught in engineering and architecture, she spent a year with NASA engineers before launching Interstellar Lab to develop food production and habitation modules for sustainable living on Earth and in space.

Arash Aazami

Activist innovator, The Netherlands

Arash is an activist entrepreneur and inventor with an education in modern music. He has an irresistible urge to discover how “things really work”. After a career in internet pioneering he made the switch to the energy domain in 2006. His focus has always been on the cross section of energy, digital tech and societal impact. He is founder of, developing local peer-to-peer energy systems that balance themselves and chairman of Universal Right, working on the recognition of renewable energy as a human right. His vision is that of an Internet of Energy, connecting billions of users to one another and to an abundance of renewable resources. He derives his inspiration from the arts, from music, meaningful encounters, and most of all from nature. His motto: Dream.Develop.Do.

Ida Engberg

DJ, Producer & Activist, Sweden

​Ida Engberg is a musical powerhouse who also happens to care passionately about the state of the world we live in. A highly skilled DJ and producer with an innate understanding of what makes dance-floors tick, she’s the Swedish superstar who cares as much about the environment as she does about emerging electronic music. She’s also a great believer in the power of consciousness, which is evident in everything that surrounds her as a human being. Ida and her family decamped to Ibiza several seasons back and in truth, she hasn’t looked back since.

Together with husband Adam Beyer, this super-duo not only perform at the best parties on the planet, they also practise what they preach. Ida loves the beauty of the Balearics and advocates passionately for causes that range from animal protection and social injustice to environmental issues that face everyone globally right now. She is also a key ambassador for Music Against Animal Cruelties (MAAC).

Nadine Bongaerts

Synthetic biologist, The Netherlands & France

Dr. Nadine Bongaerts is Chief Innovation Officer at the French cultured meat startup GOURMEY and synthetic biologist by training. GOURMEY’s first mission is to merge culinary arts and state-of-the-art science to reinvent France’s most iconic delicacy, foie gras.

Nadine believes biology will drive innovation in the coming decades and is a true connector between science, society and business. She is frequently asked to provide her thought leadership on the industrial, societal and sustainability impact of biotech advances.
She obtained her Master degree in Industrial Biotechnology from Delft University of Technology and graduated with the highest honors from her Ph.D. in synthetic biology, at the University Paris Descartes & INSERM where she developed an innovative method to discover new antibiotics.

Moreover, she serves as a board member of the global organisation for deep tech startups Hello Tomorrow, she co-founded science communication agency Science Matters to support scientists and organisations in communicating research to the public and is Global Faculty member for Synthetic Biology at Singularity University where she informs C-level corporates and politicians about the latest developments in biotechnology.

“Technology based on biology is a great tool we can use to find sustainable solutions to certain problems: From curing a disease to eco-friendly production of food.” – Nadine Bongaerts

Cécile van Oppen

Entrepreneur/Co-founder Copper8, The Netherlands

From a young age, it was clear to Cécile that everyone around her wanted a fairer and more sustainable world. Unfortunately, she also saw that people’s actions were pointing in a different direction. But why?

This gave her a motive. As a smart systems thinker and a creative person, Cécile knows how to inspire the right parties and build common interest. Time and again, she finds the economic stimulus that leads parties to choose the long term over the short. Staying true to her inner sportsperson, Cécile always strives for results. She is passionate and quite the perfectionist – useful characteristics when it comes to sustainability. She dreams of making an impact on the economic rules of the game… and she’s sure to win.

Ali Tabrizi

Filmmaker & Leading Conservationist, UK

Ali Tabrizi is a self-taught Cinematographer, Presenter, and Director of Netflix’s groundbreaking documentary, ‘Seaspiracy’. He is an inspiring speaker on sustainability, conservation, human and animal rights and the future of food. The 28 year old filmmaker received worldwide acclaim for his work on ‘Seaspiracy’, becoming a figurehead for the Ocean Conservation and Plant Based movement. Earlier, Tabrizi directed ‘Vegan 2018’, a documentary on the growing vegan movement. 

Tabrizi’s sensational film ‘Seaspiracy’ has sparked debate across the world. The documentary, which investigates the environmental and ecological impact of the fishing industry, quickly climbed to Netflix’s Top Ten most popular films across the globe. The film does not shy away from controversy, which makes it one of the most engaging documentaries of the last few years.

David Sirota

Journalist and writer/producer, USA

David Sirota is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. He co-created the story for the blockbuster Netflix film Don’t Look Up, which was nominated for an Academy Award and won the Writers Guild of America’s 22 award for best original screenplay. Sirota was also Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign speechwriter in 2020, the creator of MELTDOWN – a podcast on the financial crisis, a columnist at The Guardian and the founder and editor of The Lever. He is known as a rebel with a cause.

With Don’t Look Up, Sirota co-created an iconic film that boasts a star-studded cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande and Ron Perlman. It serves as a satiric cautionary tale, and exposes how inept the media, governments and the general culture have been dealing with climate change up to today.

“We can still stop this crisis, but it will require us to take it seriously. We have the technology to do this – the question is: do we have the will?”

Lieven Vanlommel

Entrepreneur, CEO of Foodmaker, Belgium

Lieven Vanlommel is a game changer, both in terms of health and entrepreneurship. Driven by his vision, he opened his first salad bar in 1996 at the age of 18 and immediately achieved strong growth. This was followed in 2004 by the founding of the food company StarMeal, which he supplies with vegetables from his own organic fields. 

He combined this concept with the company Foodmaker, which he bought in 2014 and then expanded into an impressive concept resulting in 19 restaurants, 300 employees and partnerships with companies such as Sportoase, Brussels Airlines and Delhaize.

“We want to become the European McDonalds of healthy food. Everyone deserves the chance to eat healthy meals!”

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian, Philosopher and Author, Israel

Prof. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. His books have sold 40 million copies in 65 languages, and he is considered one of the world’s most influential public intellectuals today. Sapiens was recommended by Barack Obama and Bill Gates, revolutionizing the non-fiction market and popularizing ‘brainy books’. 

Following the international success of his books, Yuval Noah Harari co-founded Sapienship, a social impact company with projects in the fields of entertainment and education. Its main goal is to focus the public conversation on the most important global challenges facing the world today. In 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Harari stopped to take the pulse of our current global climate, focusing on the biggest questions of the present moment: What is really happening right now? What are today’s greatest challenges and choices? What should we pay attention to?

“History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods”

Yuval Noah Harari

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