What is the Love Tomorrow Conference?

What is the Love Tomorrow Conference?

The Love Tomorrow Conference is a unique gathering of world-class speakers on youth engagement, based around the crucial challenges that will define our futures. The backdrop: the amazing Freedom Stage of Tomorrowland!

On 28 July 2022, the throbbing EDM beats of Tomorrowland will make room for some sublime speakers and inspiring debates.

The Love Tomorrow Foundation, Tomorrowland’s sustainability platform, are holding their first Love Tomorrow Conference on Thursday 28 July 2022. The Architects of Tomorrow – think of trailblazers such as the intellectual rock star Yuval Noah Harari, DJ and environmentalist Ida Engberg or Ali Tabrizi, the director of the shocking documentary on seafood, ‘Seaspiracy’ – will inspire the People of Tomorrow to act towards a better planet, a better society and better (mental) health.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if the good deeds you do for yourself, are equally beneficial for society and the planet? The stakes are high, so our aim should be too.

The Love Tomorrow Conference will be one of the most ahead-of-the-curve conventions on the future of humanity, ever. We hope to convince, inspire and motivate as many youngsters as possible to do more, because our planet needs all of us to create change. To create a better tomorrow, we need to reconnect to nature, to humanity and to ourselves. The Love Tomorrow Conference is all about restoring connections and onboarding the People of Tomorrow to this adventure.

Do something good today that tomorrow will thank you for” is the credo of the Love Tomorrow Foundation. Launching the Love Tomorrow Conference, this creed is as pertinent as ever. We will indulge the more than 5,000 expected (inter)national visitors with a number of relevant subjects, divided in four tracks. Read more about them here.

Our goal is to stimulate behavioural change

Joris Beckers, spokesperson of the Love Tomorrow Conference: “Tomorrowland touches the hearts of young people like no other. We now want to step up our game and truly engage them to create real change in their lives, their environment and the world as a whole. What better place to do so than the Freedom Stage, the largest indoor venue at the most iconic festival location in the world?

The Love Tomorrow Conference is an organisation of the Love Tomorrow Foundation, supported by VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and G-STIC (Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Community). The conference will take place on Thursday 28 July 2022, right before the start of Tomorrowland’s third festival weekend, at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium.

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