Why LTC?

Why LTC?

The first Love Tomorrow Conference is a unique sustainability conference. World-renowned thought leaders will entice the People of Tomorrow to take concrete steps towards a better environment, climate and well-being. The backdrop: the amazing Freedom Stage of Tomorrowland!

The event is set to be one of the most forward-thinking sustainability gatherings ever. They hope to convince, inspire and motivate as many youngsters as possible to do more, because our planet needs all of us to create change.

At the Love Tomorrow Conference, we tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

What are the biggest challenges humanity is facing in the 21st century? No matter who you ask (and we WILL ask among others a futurist with economical background, a tech-guru and an award-winning author and historian!), they will probably come up with similar answers:

  • We need to tackle climate change and the decline of nature. We have to make peace with our biosphere and gain back control over our atmosphere.
  • An economy where the 10 richest people on the planet possess more than the bottom half, is not only a moral issue. It’s a side effect of an unhealthy economy. We must fight inequality.
  • These days, technology allows us to spread messages of fear, uncertainty and doubt with surgical precision and thus manipulate elections. We must save our democracy from exponential growth and unregulated tech.
  • Often neglected, mental health issues are on the rise and might be considered as the next pandemic.

The Love Tomorrow Conference is all about connection.

The challenges we face, might seem overwhelmingly huge and hard to handle. But at the core, it is all about connection.

“To fix things we need to reconnect to nature, to humanity and to ourselves. This conference is all about restoring connections.”

The challenges we mentioned are not separated but interconnected. They are the result of people who lost the connection with the world, the planet and themselves. For the Love Tomorrow Conference, restoring this connection can be the key for a positive view and a ‘can do-feeling’ to be shared among the beautiful People of Tomorrow.

The Love Tomorrow Conference on Thursday 28 July 2022 is all about reconnection. If only people would direct the best of science, tech and creativity to unify and dedicate to recover connections, we would regenerate what is lost and grow a thriving society.

The Love Tomorrow Conference will onboard the People of Tomorrow to this adventure.

To do so, our guests will get a crash course in four crucial sustainability themes.

Theme 1: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

What is it about? The daily lives of us as individuals and how it affects our health and our planet. We focus on what we eat, how we live and where we house ourselves.

What needs to change? Our eating patterns, lifestyles and relation to nature.

Speakers: Nadine Bongaerts (host), Ali Tabrizi; Lieven Vanlommel, Jasna Rokegem and Lucas De Man.

Theme 2: Next Nature

What is it about? We need climate action now. Our future will be defined by our peace negotiations with the biosphere. It is not only about conserving nature, but about restoring it as well.

What needs to change? Climate and environment, nature conservation and regeneration.

Speakers: Dennis Karpes (host), Barbara Belvisi and Dirk Standaert

Theme 3: Let’s talk about tech

What is it about? Technology might save us, or create new problems. More crucial perhaps, is the interplay with other human capabilities.

What needs to change? We need to move towards a circular economy, tackle our energy issues, investigate tech-driven solutions and new business models.

Speakers: Cécile van Oppen (host), Jacob Bossaer and Arash Aazami

Theme 4: To be human and beyond

What is it about? It is not just tech, science, creativity, or policy. It is all of it. This track is about how to engage all our humanity to reconnect people with the world, our planet and ourselves.

What needs to change? Our cross-connections, integral thinking, and empathy transformation. And how do we include the arts and human rights in this vision?

Speakers: Liviu Babitz (host), David Sirota and Frans Timmermans

You can find the full line-up here and watch introductory videos on the four tracks on our YouTube-channel.

The Love Tomorrow Conference is more than just a conference.

To get these crucial messages across, we have spiced up the traditional conference concept and combined it with the magic you are expecting from a place like Tomorrowland’s Freedom Stage. Read more here.

Our ultimate goal: to stimulate behavioral change.

The Love Tomorrow Conference is an organization of the Love Tomorrow Foundation, supported by VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and G-STIC (Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Community). The conference will take place on Thursday 28 July 2022, right before the start of Tomorrowland’s third festival weekend, at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium.

Read more here and buy your tickets here.

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